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Whey protein recipes: Chocolate Coconut Protein Balls

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Whey protein is the protein portion of whey, a liquid that separates from milk during the cheese-making process. It is a high-quality, complete protein that contains all of the essential amino acids. Furthermore, compared to other forms of protein, it is highly digested and swiftly absorbed from the intestine. Today we will share an amazing healthy recipe of Chocolate Coconut Protein balls.

Whey protein is a popular nutritional supplement among bodybuilders, athletes, and others who need more protein in their diet. In the name of MaxN, we make Whey protein intake tastier while keeping it healthy! Chocolates are a great treat. But have you ever tried making protein balls with coconut and chocolate? It’s a treat that will keep you going all day! Try this delicious recipe from MaxN.

Have a look at one of our Whey protein recipes : Chocolate Coconut Protein Balls.

Ingredients :

• 1/2 bananas 

• 30g soft prunes

• 40 g Chocolate flavour MaxN Whey Protein 

• 75g Rolled Oats (3 scoops)

• 10 g coconut desiccated

Method :

#1 Mash the banana and combine it with the prunes in a mixing bowl.

#2 Microwave for 2 minutes and then mash again.

#3 Mix in the oats and chocolate-flavored whey protein thoroughly (if too thick add a drop of water).

#4 Make 8 bite-size balls out of the mixture.

#5 Lightly moisten the outsides of the protein balls before rolling them in the coconut.

#6 Keep refrigerated in an airtight container.

whey protein in chocolate flavour by maxn

Follow this recipe of Chocolate Coconut Protein balls and let us know how you like it. Check out more .

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