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All you need to know about Mass Gainers

Mass gainer protein supplements are a blend of carbs, protein, and fats. They help you gain weight if you are
trying to bulk up. Mass gainer proteins help you
increase the calorie level in the body which in turn helps in gaining muscle mass.

What do mass gainers contain?

Mass gainer protein powders are rich in proteins and starchy carbohydrates. They contain-  

Calories – 

High caloric content is necessary for weight gain and is one of the distinguishing characteristics of all mass
gainer proteins. The mass gainer proteins are content with high calories.

Carbohydrates – 

The extra calories in muscle gainers are mostly from added carbohydrates. Majority of conventional mass gainer
protein powders have derived their calories from protein. 

Fat –

Mass gainer protein powders are rich in fat. These are primarily in the form of dairy ingredients in the

Additional Nutrients like vitamins, BCAAs, creatine monohydrate, etc are an add-on to the supplement. Mass gainer
prices in India vary based on the quality of the product.

How is mass gainer protein powder useful for workouts? 

  1. Lean mass gaining 

Most people simply wish to reduce their body fat and increase muscle mass. By consuming 200 to 300 kcal of
mass gainer protein your estimated base level on the training days.

  1.  Maximum Bulking 

The idea is to simply push the limits of muscle development by choosing a high-calorie mass gainer protein
powder. Intense everyday workouts require an intake of  600 kcal or more per day which can be supported by mass
gainer protein.  

The right time to take mass gainers?

  • Avoid thinking of mass gainer items as a kind of pre-workout supplement and take them after your workout.
  • Muscle gainers do contain some amino acids, they should not be a complete substitute for your meals.
  • Intake of mass gainer protein within an hour of the gym followed by taking a protein
    supplement is strongly recommended.

MAXN Mass Gainer
protein is professionally formulated to accelerate the muscle-building process. It contains zero sugar which
serves perfect for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and dieters. Mass gainer protein is the best
source of all the necessary nutrients for your body. 

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