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3 Simple Steps to Authenticate Your Favourite Maxn Supplements

How important do you think it is to authenticate MaxN’s supplements? Not only vitamins, proteins, but it is significant to keep an eye on your purchases to avoid getting scammed or swindled. Genuinity has become scarce in today’s world, but there are some impressive technologies and tools that help you in identifying the right products. 

Well, all opinions aside, one has to know that a product is genuine before buying it. For that, one would need to follow some simple steps to examine the authenticity of the supplements. 

3 Important Steps To Authenticate MaxN’s Supplements :

authenticate maxn supplement in easy steps

Knowledge about the authenticity of the product is just as crucial as protein intake and fat loss for fitness freaks and adults. Nobody would want to fall prey to the side effects caused by fake products. All you could do to get your hands on the original goods is to follow the below steps.

Step 1: Be it whey protein supplements or mass gainers, MaxN products all have an authenticity sticker pasted on top of their lids. The presence of these stickers is half the proof itself that these products are from the original brand.

Step 2: Once you have access to the product, scratch the top of the sticker to reveal the product code. Every item has its own code curated and generated by the brand so, there is no way of misunderstanding its origin.  

Step 3: After retrieving the unique code of a product, all you have to do is go to the official website of MaxN and run an authentication test. The particulars you will be needing for this test are the product code, your phone number, and email ID.

Your safety is our main priority so check the legitimacy of our supplements before buying and avoid getting scammed by buying counterfeit products on the market. 

whey protein for diabetic patients - maxn

Is It Safe to Consume Whey Protein for Diabetic Patients?

In diabetes, the body cannot sustain routine levels of blood sugar. One way to manage sugar levels is through dietary substitutes. Today we will discuss the most asked Is It Safe to Consume Whey Protein for Diabetic Patients? Whey protein is often used by bodybuilders to build muscle. However, is it safe for diabetic patients? Here are the results of some studies on whey protein and diabetes. Read more here.

Can a Diabetic Patient Consume Whey Protein? 

Yes, there is an understanding relationship between Whey Protein and diabetes which helps you protect and maintain your health. There are currently many scientific studies proving the benefits of using Whey protein for diabetic patients.

Diabetes is rapidly gaining the rank of a potential outbreak in India with more than 77 million diabetic individuals who are currently diagnosed with the disease. In the year 2000, India (31.7 million) topped the world with the highest number of people with diabetes. 

Benefits of Using Whey Protein for Diabetics

Whey Protein controls type II diabetes and is a supplement highly rich in amino acids. When we consume it, they are distributed in the muscle tissues, and then there is an increase in the plasma concentration of two essential amino acids in our body which are namely alanine and glutamine. These amino acids are carried to the liver for glucose production, maintaining blood glucose during fasting periods, and minimizing the insulin response after meals. 

Consequently, by furthering the concentrations of whey protein, the release of postprandial insulin is reduced and the liver’s action in controlling blood glucose is improved. Adding more to the reasons that diabetics should be incorporating whey, is a 2014 study that focused on the effects of consuming whey protein before breakfast. Not only did whey reduce the blood sugar spike caused by the meal, but it also increased insulin levels.

Choosing the Best Whey Protein For diabetes

MAXN Supplement brings you the best whey protein for diabetes, by providing your body with all the essential macro-nutrients and amino acids that your body needs to amalgamate large amounts of muscle protein before it breaks down. It is the best whey protein concentrate in India that appears to be a useful tool in maintaining blood sugar levels in diabetes and potentially increasing the flow of insulin.

Real Mass Gainer

Five Tips to Choose the Right and Real Mass Gainer

When you first imagine it, it seems to be very common: for gaining weight you need something with heavy calories. Well, it’s slightly more complicated than that. Bodybuilding necessitates discipline. Accompanying intense training and a healthy or clean diet, you need supplementary nutrients to grow bigger in muscle strength and size here, are few tips to choose the right and real mass gainer

Hence, if your aim is to grow bigger and stronger to show off your bulked-up arms and chest, you need extra calories and from clean sources such as a Real Mass Gainer. Mass gainers are high-calorie supplements that carry carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in them to help you gain weight. If used as indicated, a real mass gainer will help increase muscle mass.

1. Carb-to-Protein Ratio

If you want to bulk up your muscles, a real mass gainer must have the right amount of carbohydrate to protein ratio. The ideal formula is a 3:1 carb to protein ratio. Mass gainer protein should come from slow-medium and fast-release sources, like micellar casein, calcium caseinate, and whey proteins. You need complex carbohydrates because they take longer to digest, which gives you more energy for the workout.

2. Essential Nutrients

Vitamins and minerals play an influential role in reducing metabolic stress caused by workouts. Multivitamins in a mass gainer supplement stimulate biochemical reactions in the body for energy to relieve muscle exhaustion after a workout.

3. Digestive Enzymes

If you’re most likely to bloat, choose a real mass gainer protein that contains digestive enzymes. They will support the digestion process, so you won’t feel any trouble after taking the weight gainer. Besides, digestive enzymes can help you better absorb nutrients and give your body the fuel it needs for an intense workout session.

4. Sugar Content

The easiest way to increase calorie value is by adding more sugar to the mass gainer. However, the real mass gainer will give you calories from clean sources, such as proteins and complex carbs. This means there won’t be any added sugars or artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

5. Fat Content

You can build muscle without building your fat levels if you choose a muscle mass gainer with the appropriate fat type. Not all fats are made equal, and indiscriminately eating fat can have implications for your body. So, watch out for the kind of fat in your mass gainer. Medium-chain triglycerides will be more reliable and more effective than saturated fat.

You need to remember that some mass gainers contain added vitamins, minerals, and fibers. If you buy a mass gainer supplement without added vitamins and minerals, you need to get enough of these from your diet or supplements. Mass gainers work well when you discipline yourself to train hard as their objective is to build muscle while gaining weight. 

MAXN Mass gainer Supplement, a complete weight-gaining drink mix, is the best mass gainer supplement in India that is calorie-dense and contains a high carbohydrate content as compared to protein and fat. This Real Mass Gainer 5kg Supplement advances in the growth of muscle mass that helps provide extra and essential calories and other important nutrients they require to build muscle. If you are unable to gain enough calories, carbs, protein, or fat through your regular diet, this mass gainer is highly recommended just for you A boon for the hard gainer, MAXN Mass Gainer is professionally formulated to accelerate the muscle-making process

protein intake for weight loss - maxn

Protein Intake for Fat Loss

Protein’s most important contribution to weight loss is likely its capability to reduce appetite, leading to a reduction in calorie intake. Protein Intake is better than fat or carbs at keeping you feeling full. The protein intake for fat loss is between 1.6 and 2.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Athletes and heavy exercisers should consume 2.2-3.4 grams of protein per kilogram if aiming for weight loss.

The twenty basic molecules are called amino acids that produce protein in our bodies. These linked amino acids form long protein chains, which then fold into complex shapes, are meant to come from food.

As we don’t stock the amino acids, our bodies make them in two different ways: either from scratch or by modifying others. The nine amino acids are histidine, leucine, lysine, methionine, isoleucine phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine are called the essential amino acids.

Can Assist Weight Loss and Limits Weight Gain

Protein is the exclusive and the most important nutrient for weight loss and a healthy body. A high protein intake daily boosts metabolism, reduces appetite, and changes numerous weight-regulating hormones. According to the earlier mentioned studies, protein intake in a day of around 30% of calories may be optimal for weight loss. This amounts to 150 grams per day for a person on a 2,000-calorie diet.

Protein Calculator

MAXN Protein Calculator measures the daily intake of dietary protein adults need to remain healthy and fit. Children, those who are highly physically active, and pregnant and nursing women generally require more protein. The protein calculator is also useful for monitoring protein intake for those with kidney disease, diabetes, liver disease, or other conditions in which protein intake is highly recommended for fat loss.

Protein Intake to Build Muscle Mass

Building muscle requires a positive energy balance, which means that you must consume more calories than you burn. You need roughly 2,800 calories to build a pound of muscle, largely to support protein turnover, which can be promoted with training. Increasing total caloric and protein intake to build muscle while maintaining the same exercise level will build an equal amount of additional fat and muscle mass.

The Bottom Line

Protein is an important nutrient. A higher protein intake is associated with beneficial effects on appetite, weight, body composition, ageing, and overall health.

To reap the supreme benefits from a high-protein diet, increase and divide your protein intake throughout the day, choose high-quality sources and balance your protein intake with healthy fats and carbs.

Consuming 25–30% of your total calories in a day from protein has been proved to boost metabolism by up to 80–100 calories per day, compared with lower protein intake diets.

5 Tips To Celebrate a Guilt-Free Diwali - maxn

5 Tips To Celebrate a Guilt-Free Diwali #festivebinge

The festival of lights celebrated by millions, belonging to India, glorifies the victory of good over evil, light over darkness. In reality, it is also traditionally known as a festival of giving and sharing. Festivals such as Diwali are known for their joyous celebrations, often with a choice of delicacies. People with pre-existing health conditions and those looking to lose weight might find it stressful to enjoy the festivities out of fear that their diet regimens can go awry as it is difficult to withstand temptation with all the good food around them. Don’t worry!! We’ve got 5 tips for you to celebrate a guilt-free Diwali.

1. We become what we eat

If we must become better than ourselves, then we must learn to eat with love in our hearts for our stomachs and for the 815 million across the globe who starve every day. This is not just some amount of food on your plate, this is the energy and strength to do more with your life

2. Make Ghee your best friend 

Ghee, a stereotypical component of your mithai, this important fat helps your body assimilate essential vitamins like A, D, and E, which are needed to protect your bones, immune functions, and skin. The only caution is that you need to develop the habit of preparing sweets at home using fresh, natural, and organic ingredients, instead of buying them readymade from a store.

3. Make a healthy switch of ingredients 

As mentioned above homemade sweets made in organic or A2 desi ghee is perfect for diabetics and people who are trying to lose weight. Merging organic ingredients like jaggery (a great substitute for sugar), ghee, and besan (chickpea flour) make for an ideal nutritious treat. 

4. Consuming the right food at the right time

You can eat nuts and dried fruits or homemade delicacies soaked with them first thing when you wake up, as they are packed with amino acids and minerals. You can even swap that chocolate pastry or brownie safely with a homemade full-fat laddoo or Gulab Jamun. Just make sure the ingredients you use to make these are organic and the freshest you can get.

5. Less is always more

Keep in mind to use smaller plates. It is proven that using smaller plates helps keep portion size down to the least by doing so, your brain leaves a dramatic impact on the number of sweets you consume and hence the number of calories through it.  

Gear up for a post-Diwali detox after festive-bingeing on your favourite Diwali treats. Detoxifying your body is the first step towards a healthier you, a limited amount of exercise can help you get back on track along with the right kind of protein in your diet.

6 tips to find best whey protein powder

6 tips to pick the best whey protein powder

Whey Protein powder is a demanding building block that promotes growth, maintenance, and muscle repair, and there’s no turning down its impact on strength, effect, and body formation. Whether you’re trying to shed weight or gain muscle, Whey Protein powder can be a convenient and easy way to increase your protein intake

Whey Protein powders are also sourced from different ingredients, some of which may be better suitable for specific people with specific needs.  

How to pick the best Whey Protein Powder according to your body requirement?

 After all, each person has different goals, body types, and preferences. So there is no particular protein powder that’s best for everyone. Here are a few tips that will help you choose the right protein for your body composition.

1. Diary-Based Protein Powder

Whey protein powder aims to be your best bet between whey and casein protein powders, especially if you are using supplements to repair your muscles after a workout. 

This is because whey protein is easily absorbed and digested for your body to use, while casein protein has a slower absorption. This is why professional athletes and bodybuilders will consume casein protein before bed, and whey protein post-workout.

2. Protein to Build Muscle

 The macronutrient in Whey Protein powder is vital for muscle tissue repair and is full of amino acids- the building blocks of strength. 

Whey protein and Whey Isolate are your best options if you are looking for a muscle builder as they come with a high biological value that measures how well the body can absorb and utilize the protein.

3. Stay Vegan with Plant-Based Protein

 If you’re vegetarian or vegan, don’t choose milk-based protein shakes like whey and milk proteins, instead use 100% plant proteins. It was once revealed that if a protein source wasn’t a “complete” protein (a protein that is considered “complete” is one that offers all 20 amino acids), it wasn’t a pure quality protein source. 

We now know that as far as you’re consuming a variety of protein-rich foods like soy, pea, hemp powders and more that offer you a variety of amino acids throughout the day, you’re likely to get all of the protein you need.

4. Consider Diabetes and Go Less-Sugar

Patients who suffer from diabetes must choose protein shakes without any added sugars (don’t choose protein powders with sugar listed as one of the first three ingredients). It’s also best to look for a shake that’s low in carbohydrates

Whey protein powder is the best choice for diabetic patients. It stimulates the secretion of insulin in diabetics and therefore plays an integral role in controlling blood sugar levels.

5. A Matching powder for Weight loss

Whey Protein Powder is suggested to be the best supplement that majorly promotes weight loss, as it is a great way to increase your protein intake. You shouldn’t neglect to consider protein powders with no added sugars or any sweeteners from starch, especially those with added branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), as they help promote muscle growth and weight gain. 

Instead, choose MAXN Super Ripped which is completely natural and has no added sugar and made with natural ingredients which can be your weight management formula.

6. Third-Party Testing and Certification 

Just in case you weren’t aware, A supplement company hires a third-party organization to test and analyze the products to ensure that it contains all of the ingredients which are listed in the content table and also ensures the safety of an elite or a professional from consuming any product which contains banned substances.

best time to drink whey protein shake - maxn


There exist numerous debates over the best time to drink a whey protein shake and whether or not, these discussions should change depending on the intensity and effectiveness of your workouts. So, we decided to dive deep into this question to find a relevant answer and what we found may surprise you.

What does the term protein mean?

Nutrients that are found in foods like meat, quinoa, eggs, dairy products, hemp seeds, and soy are known as complete or high-quality proteins which are considered to be complete when it has the essential amino acids which plays a necessary part of the diet that our body cannot produce by itself.

Protein plays various roles to make your body healthier and stronger. This synthesis growth and restoration of body’s tissue helps maintain proper pH and fluid balance.

What is Whey Protein and why do they call it Whey Protein?

Whey protein sets a notion to be the finest form of protein for the body to digest and make use of. It is extremely beneficial and abundant in glutamine and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). 

These are reviewed as essential amino acids for people who train by supplying a source of energy to help muscle breakdown and aid recovery.  

Whey Protein is the by-product you get in the process of making cheese. After you eliminate the water and casein content from this by-product, you get protein concentrate which is known as whey. 

Whey protein, a sports supplement is praised by bodybuilders and athletes for heavy training and physical benefits. It is utilized for weight loss, diabetes, asthma and many other conditions. Whey Protein is known as dietary protein.

Is it better to drink whey protein shakes in the morning or at night?

Consumption of Whey Protein in the morning is an ideal choice, as the glycogen storehouses diminish overnight and the body is pressurized to turn to amino acid storehouses to strengthen the metabolic processes. This makes the muscle to go through a catabolic or a breakdown state. As whey protein is rich in amino acids, it is perfect for you to consume this quick-digesting drink when you wake up. 

Whey Protein, a dairy-based protein swiftly delivers amino acids to all the muscles in your body and counteracts muscle breakdown. Experts suggest consuming a standard whey protein shake because of its astonishing biological value and amazing amino acid status which eventually sets you up to have an energetic day.

Nonetheless, it might not be a bad idea to consume protein shakes at night for people who go several hours without food. With the short supply of nutrients to your muscles, the muscles may then be pushed to turn towards amino acids to provide a power source for the metabolic processes. 

In this way, the muscle breakdown can be avoided by ensuring that nutrients are available during the overnight fast. Most of nutritionists prefer to suggest casein protein, a dairy-based protein that consists of all the integral amino acids which is slowly absorbed by your body.

The heart of the matter:

Unquestionably, Whey Protein powder is one among those few wellness and health supplements that every individual, either a beginner or an advanced person can benefit from. The perfect plan for whey protein intake plays an essential title role in deciding how rapidly you will possess your fitness goals.

There is much debate over the best time to drink a whey protein shake and whether or not this should change depending on the effectiveness of the exercise. So, we thought we would take a look and see if we can find any answers to this question and what we found may surprise you.

protein balls recipe maxn

Whey protein recipes: Chocolate Coconut Protein Balls

Whey protein is the protein portion of whey, a liquid that separates from milk during the cheese-making process. It is a high-quality, complete protein that contains all of the essential amino acids. Furthermore, compared to other forms of protein, it is highly digested and swiftly absorbed from the intestine. Today we will share an amazing healthy recipe of Chocolate Coconut Protein balls.

Whey protein is a popular nutritional supplement among bodybuilders, athletes, and others who need more protein in their diet. In the name of MaxN, we make Whey protein intake tastier while keeping it healthy! Chocolates are a great treat. But have you ever tried making protein balls with coconut and chocolate? It’s a treat that will keep you going all day! Try this delicious recipe from MaxN.

Have a look at one of our Whey protein recipes : Chocolate Coconut Protein Balls.

Ingredients :

• 1/2 bananas 

• 30g soft prunes

• 40 g Chocolate flavour MaxN Whey Protein 

• 75g Rolled Oats (3 scoops)

• 10 g coconut desiccated

Method :

#1 Mash the banana and combine it with the prunes in a mixing bowl.

#2 Microwave for 2 minutes and then mash again.

#3 Mix in the oats and chocolate-flavored whey protein thoroughly (if too thick add a drop of water).

#4 Make 8 bite-size balls out of the mixture.

#5 Lightly moisten the outsides of the protein balls before rolling them in the coconut.

#6 Keep refrigerated in an airtight container.

whey protein in chocolate flavour by maxn

Follow this recipe of Chocolate Coconut Protein balls and let us know how you like it. Check out more .

Best Supplements For Muscle Growth

The Best Supplements For Muscle Growth

Did you ever hear of the best supplements for muscle growth?. If you’re working hard on exercise and proper diet. Then there are possible extra chances for you to expect some or major results.

One of the main benefits of working out is gaining muscles and strength. Having a healthy amount of muscle, helps you to exercise and also to lead your daily life with a lot of ease and health.

Research shows that during workouts, three criteria should be met. Eating more calories than you burn, consuming proteins more than you break down, and having an active workout schedule.

But, is muscle growth only possible through diet and exercise?. Supplements as well play a very important role in the building of muscle. Here are the best supplements for muscle growth

Supplements For Muscle Growth


It is a naturally produced molecule in our body that provides energy to muscle and other body tissues. Hereby, consuming this content may increase up to 40% in the body. This affects the body in gaining muscle mass and also helps to exercise actively.

Protein supplements:

Whey Protein

In order to build muscle, one must consume protein because muscles are primarily made from this. The more you break down your muscle by working out, the more protein it will need to rebuild so not consuming enough can mean you’re not recovering properly and could slow down your progress!

Weight Gainers:

Mass Gainer

Weight gainer supplements help us to gain more calories and muscle mass. They are specifically for the people who are leaner and have trouble eating. Most people think that calories come from proteins but they come from carbs.


This decreases fatigue and also helps to exercise. Additionally, this helps in gaining muscle mass. One study shows that consuming this once in 8 months helps in gaining muscle mass.

Branched-chain amino acids:

This contains three types of amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

poultry, eggs, and fish contain a good amount of it. Researchers show that BCCAs have more chances of muscle growth.


Beta-hydroxy beta-methyl butyrate is a molecule that produces an amino acid-like acid leucine.

It helps in the production of protein and leucine in the diet. Gaining muscle mass is possible as HMB is produced in the body.

Even though by taking these muscle mass supplements everything depends on how much nutrition you’re having.

Motivate Yourself to Exercise

How To Motivate Yourself To Exercise – MaxN

Who does not want to stay healthy and fit? We all do, but we work less and expect more. With exercises, either we are interested but less motivated or motivated enough, but not trying too hard.

Some have said it right, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” It’s absolutely fine to give it a thought to get up one day and start exercising. You just have to stick to your motifs and you are ready.

You can follow certain simple and easy steps in order to be blessed with a sound body and mind.


Step 1: Manage your time well

Any sort of beginning begins with you managing your schedule. We should adapt to exercising as a daily routine. Not only this, but one has to stick to a fixed time every day to follow their routine.

Motivate yourself to exercise every day in the mornings. After waking up, our body needs energy and motivation to go with the entire day. Also, it feels fresh after a morning exercise session. Try it!

You can choose from varieties of MAXN daily requirements and wellness to start a day with.

Step 2: Pick a lit playlist and follow a healthy diet

To say motivation lies everywhere. It’s all our perspective and how we conceive things. For an individual being, it’s essential to have a wonderful music playlist that pushes them to do wonders. Whether you are exercising or you are on the roads on your own, listening to music makes everything right, especially when you are lacking motivation.

Your choices of food have a bigger role in your daily routine. Having an upset stomach or indigestion whenever you eat junk will only make you feel lazy or ill. Motivation begins with bringing out minor changes and replacing choices for better. Give up on that pizza!

Also, switch to MAXN Whey proteins to build and strengthen your muscles.

Step 3: Stay committe to your motifs, not to your body

The population can kill for a perfect body, but the idea differs from person to person about what exactly is a ‘perfect body.’ Thus, why not get committed to your motifs rather than a perfect body. Motivate yourself to exercise and stay motivated, so do not run for something that is chased by everyone.

You can choose from our wide range of MAXN Weight loss and Mass Gainer products that will help you in your journey.

Step 4: Surround yourself with good people and stay positive!

A good peer group can change a lot in your life. They pass on positivity and happiness. You, as a receiver, go with the flow, but do not let others change a thing about you. Understand that you, as an individual, changing their lives too.

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